No reaction - what can I do?

Jochen Neumeister joneum at
Mon Feb 6 09:19:45 UTC 2017

>>> I have opened the PR 214665 on 19.11.2016. No reaction of the maintainer
>>> until today. He also does not react to e-mails. What else can I do?
>>> Is it normal that maintainers / committer will not respond?
>> It can happen, especially if the problem is difficult to reproduce
>> for the maintainer/committer.
>> I'm testbuilding print/texlive-base right now. Looks fine to me.
>> So there must be something else involved.
> Have you seen the pointer to
> which describes that setting LANG=en_US.UTF-8 or LC_COLLATE=C
> seems to fix the problem ?
Your hint into the PR helps. Thanks Pi!

What annoys me a bit: I write a PR, and he is not answered. I have some 
open PRs of this type. I know we all do it voluntarily. But it is not 
nice if a PR is not worked for several months.

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