Seamonkey update

Jeffrey Bouquet jbtakk at
Mon Feb 6 00:42:52 UTC 2017

pkg today updated seamonkey, now it segfaults, 
every which way I try to run it.

[This is from backup and a rewritten fstab. ] 

linux-seamonkey also segfaults, first time I installed it.  Deinstalled.
firefox works only half as efficiently,  but passably.
seamonkey fails to build with gcc, clang49 or default... vs other times.
attempting to fix that with nvidia-driver update, 
which fails to build, API mismatch... which used to work
after installing theolder nvidia.ko and nvidia-modeset from backup, ALSO API mismatch.
which I think I used in the past to fix a similar problem...

Seamonkey is currently the 
second most vital part of this 
FreeBSD Jan 2004-2017 5x > v11 ,,,

So the _4 _5 was quite a showstopper.  
Working backup from a day ago was only coincidence.

Any one know where to get _4 etc, i386, without reverting to quarterly repo? 
portsmon is four weeks behind IIRC with a developer working on  a fix... so the .txz there
are NGINX 502 or some error...

Inaccuracies in the above, maybe. Apologies.  Rushed today...
And sorry for multi-topic most of which I hardly ever delve into fixing so not really qualified nor
time to fix or file PR on...

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