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John Marino at
Sat Feb 4 22:47:46 UTC 2017

On 2/4/2017 16:24, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Feb 2017, John Marino wrote:
>> AFAIK it's not documented, but it's been spoken here quite a few times
>> and the result was "try to be nice and if you must use OSVERSION, guard
>> it with OPSYS".  Anything else is a bug because OSVERSION only makes
>> sense with an exact value of OPSYS ("FreeBSD").
> Would it make sense to add a check to portlint that every condition
> (or practically probably line, considering "...\\\n..." as one line)
> that has OSVERSION also has OPSYS?

When it first came up a few years ago, the topic of portlint came up, 
but it was decided it wasn't necessary.

That's okay because A) it's technically difficult to check all cases and 
B) I'd almost prefer if portlint emitted a warning that it detected 
OSVERSION (meaning try to find a platform-generic alternative).

Anyway ...
I don't discourage that coupling OPSYS with OSVERSION is documented. I 
think the original idea is that the guideline would "ease in".  maybe 
we're already there because many people are following it on their own now.


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