FreeBSD Port: audacity-2.1.2_4

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Wed Feb 1 12:59:57 UTC 2017


It’s about several months now, audacity fails to build on FreeBSD 10 AMD64, FreeBSD 11 AMD64

But surprisingly it does build on FreeBSD 11 I386 (32 bit) and I suppose on FreeBSD 10 i386

Even removing all build options doesn’t solve the issue.

There is always a weird error that seems to cause the issue. Build doesn’t stop immediately, but it fails few lines later

In file included from Menus.cpp :83
./Notetrack.h :80 :4 : error : unknown, type name ‘Alg_seq_ptr’

I suppose that an « extra » component in my systemxinterfere but I can’t determine who is the culprit as Audacity is available in package, so compilation seems to work fine in «poudriere », unless some specifics parameters are used.



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