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Johannes Lundberg johalun0 at
Wed Dec 20 13:31:49 UTC 2017

On Wed, Dec 20, 2017 at 1:13 PM, antranigv <antranig at> wrote:
> Hi!
> Trying to understand the changes that would be made by making wayland=on
> by default.
> I see a lot of people moving to Wayland from X, but if we do wayland=on,
> what will this mean to Xorg people? from the first thing I got is larger
> binaries for gtk and Qt. anything else that will happen? please fill me
> in, I'd love to vote wayland=on by default if people think it's the
> future, but without hurting people who still use and like Xorg.


Yes, libraries that are common for X and Wayland like mesa-libs, qt5
and gtk30 will get a bit bigger in order to enable Wayland.
This is completely transparent to X users and does not affect
X-related stuff in anyway.

Using Wayland compositors like x11-wm/sway or x11-wm/weston is still
completely optional and can they can co-exist with any X server and
X11 window manager.
Simply run "startx" if you wanna run X or "weston-launch" if you wanna
run weston. Any X client should run fine in Weston (requires the pkg
"xwayland"), however the opposite is not true.

> Thanks in advance,
> antranigv
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> On 12/20/2017 01:20 PM, Johannes Lundberg wrote:
>> Hi
>> I want to suggest that we enable wayland by default. In current state
>> having some parts of wayland in ports is basically useless the
>> end-users themselves re-build gtk30 and mesa-libs with wayland
>> enabled.
>> from mesa-libs and the extra libraries and headers
>> from gtk30 adds like a few KB, a drop in the ocean compared to xorg
>> packages. (might be something more that I missed)
>> Personally I see no reason not to make it default on, even with
>> flavors coming up. For any Desktop user (as well as embedded devices
>> like IVI-systems and whatnot), Wayland is the future. There's no
>> escaping that.
>> Wayland has been quite usable on FreeBSD for over a year now but
>> access to it is limited due to the extra efforts required to use it.
>> If we are to compare with the other guys, several Linux distros are
>> already switching to wayland-based compositors as default window
>> server.
>> What do you think?
>> /Johannes
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