Vote: making wayland=on default

Johannes Lundberg johalun0 at
Wed Dec 20 09:21:03 UTC 2017


I want to suggest that we enable wayland by default. In current state
having some parts of wayland in ports is basically useless the
end-users themselves re-build gtk30 and mesa-libs with wayland
enabled. from mesa-libs and the extra libraries and headers
from gtk30 adds like a few KB, a drop in the ocean compared to xorg
packages. (might be something more that I missed)

Personally I see no reason not to make it default on, even with
flavors coming up. For any Desktop user (as well as embedded devices
like IVI-systems and whatnot), Wayland is the future. There's no
escaping that.

Wayland has been quite usable on FreeBSD for over a year now but
access to it is limited due to the extra efforts required to use it.

If we are to compare with the other guys, several Linux distros are
already switching to wayland-based compositors as default window

What do you think?


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