HTML5 videos crashes Firefox

Dimitry Andric dim at
Sat Sep 24 19:23:13 UTC 2016

On 23 Sep 2016, at 11:35, Robert_Burmeister <robert.burmeister at> wrote:
> I was able to resolve HTML5 videos crashes in Firefox 49 on FreeBSD 10.3 i386
> by changing the FFMPEG compile option to "SSE=off" and recompiling FFMPEG.
> The LLVM compiler was not dealing with an SSE bug on my older core2 CPU.

I can't reproduce your particular crashes, but in the past I had created
a patch to force the FFmpeg build to use stack realignment.  Can you
please try it out?  E.g. put the attched patch in the root of your ports
folder, and run:

  patch -p0 -f -F0 -i multimedia__ffmpeg-force-i386-stack-realign-1.diff

This patch is needed, because FFmpeg assumes a 16-byte aligned stack,
even on i386, where the ABI specifies a 4-byte alignment.  On Linux,
this ABI requirement was basically dumped at some point, leaving old
applications in the cold, but not on FreeBSD.

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