www/subsonic-standalone license

Franco Fichtner franco at lastsummer.de
Fri Oct 28 16:09:07 UTC 2016

> On 28 Oct 2016, at 5:53 PM, Joshua Ruehlig <joshruehlig at gmail.com> wrote:
> Franco, what do you mean a maintainer drop?
> Also Madsonic, which is supposedly GPL based on their website is available.

The maintainer resigned, but updated to 6.0 because there were no distfiles,
and the code seemed to be gone for 5.3 is now on GitHub:


I don't know whether 6.0 is quintessential, but from a pure license perspective
it seems odd that everyone now has to use a proprietary license with no options
given even though we still have the original 5.3 *and* a fork which could very
well gain traction of a port was added as an alternative.

Just for the record, I know this takes work.  Not asking for it to be done,
simply wondering why this happened the way it did.


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