make makepatch

Jochen Neumeister joneum at
Thu Oct 27 06:28:05 UTC 2016

On 27.10.2016 08:08, Franco Fichtner wrote:
>> On 27 Oct 2016, at 7:53 AM, Jochen Neumeister <joneum at> wrote:
>> No, make makepatch delete the patches into /files and:
> If there are no patches in files/ maybe you have no patches applied
> in the work/ dir?  Does running "make patch" before makepatch help?
Hm that is interesting.

make patch: there are 3 patches into /file

make makepatch: now the 3 files are removed, but: 

make makepatch
Generated patch-wpagui.cpp
The previous patches have been placed here:

Now I'm confused. After "make patch" and "make makepatch", there is only
one "new" patch in files:

/home/joneum/dev/ports/net/wpa_gui/files # ls

and in work/.makepatch-tmp/archived-patches: # ls
patch-os_unix.c  patch-wpa_ctrl.c patch-wpagui.cpp

Is this now right, that i can only use the new patch in /files? With
"make clean" i delete the work folder and the old patches.

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