openntpd-5.7p4_2,2 depends on libressl-2.2.6 ?!

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Wed Oct 26 20:15:03 UTC 2016

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> On 2016-08-02, "Joe Holden" <mail at> wrote:
> > That is not a fix since it breaks at least nginx in the official repo,
> > because nginx depends on openssl and openntpd depends on libre.
> >
> > Either the entire tree should move to a library supported by everything,
> > the openntpd port gets split into meta packages so that we don't need to
> > return to a stage where everyone is building ports.
> >
> > Was this not even considered or tested?
> I put the blame on the people who thought it a good idea to have
> FIVE only partially compatible SSL libraries in the tree: OpenSSL
> in base, openssl, openssl-devel, libressl, libressl-devel.
Yes, it is a ridiculous situation but since there appears to be zero
coordination between ports committers, probably expected.

> Bernard Spil (brnrd) has worked hard on moving the entire tree to
> LibreSSL, but the political will is missing.
> Like other software coming out of OpenBSD, OpenNTPD now requires
> libtls for its https functionality.  That's a new library with a
> new API that doesn't exist in OpenSSL.  The constraints check is a
> standard feature of OpenNTPD.  If you run OpenNTPD, you expect it
> to be available.  I have no intention of disabling this by default
> and it requires libtls.
Breaking existing install bases because of an *optional* feature is really a
shitty attitude, it is not OpenBSD, therefore does not need feature parity -
it is a *port* of OpenNNTPD, by your logic I should be able to use rdomains
in software ported from OpenBSD yes?  While we're here, PF is from OpenBSD
so I expect it to be the same as 6.0.

> > (Cc naddy)
> Sorry, I somehow didn't get this.
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