www/redmine port status

David Demelier demelier.david at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 18:16:40 UTC 2016


I've been used the www/redmine port for years. Each time there is an 
upgrade, the port is broken. I've sent many patches at each upgrade to 
fix various issues.

For example, the revision 351940 has fixed the folder permissions and 
some errors in the Gemfile. I've upgraded to the last version in 2016Q4 and:

- permissions are wrong again (set to root:wheel)

- the redmine rc script can not start because it uses an nonexistent user

I encourage people to not use this port until the maintainers start 
testing the port before committing.

I know there are several ways to start redmine, but please do not forget 
that the rc script is here for reasons and therefore, should work by 
starting 'service redmine start' with some small user configuration. At 
least with thin option enabled, the redmine user must be created (or use 
www eventually) and set the appropriate folder to that one as specified 
in the redmine guide [0]

Kind regards,

Keep up the good work anyway ;)



David Demelier

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