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Mon Oct 24 18:11:49 UTC 2016

On 24/10/2016 17:11, Mikhail T. wrote:

> Now that we are done with the hairsplitting, and I shall put the port
> back as soon as I have a moment -- unless someone else beats me to it.
> I'd also like to ask portmgr@ to avoid taking such steps in the future
> -- inventing a policy in order to immediately act on it. Though we do
> not have a strict separation of powers, portmgr@ is primarily an
> executive body -- and should defer "lawmaking" to the wider audience of
> committers, however cantankerous we may be.
> Portmgr's mandate is to ensure, ports continue to build smoothly despite
> changes to the OS and other ports. Policing the contents is a
> regrettable overreach (a.k.a. "powergrab").

Hi, Mikhail and everyone else involved here,

The misc/jive port was actually removed at the request of core at .  Please
can you raise your concerns with core privately, rather than letting
this thread get out of hand (as it seems likely to do) in public.


	Matthew, with hat core-secretary.

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