misc/jive deleted

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at twc.com
Mon Oct 24 02:24:02 UTC 2016

> Why can't we accept that a program which may be well over 30 years old,
> hasn't seen any update since 20 years, is more or less lost since some
> time and has no technical value (it's just some parody of a text filter)
> can be removed from the tree? Anyone who needs this port can install it
> on their own.
> Regards,
> Christoph

I found misc/jive in NetBSD pkgsrc, and might build and install it in NetBSD, since it is small and my curiosity is aroused.

But misc/jive does not like something particularly valuable or important.

Regardive offensiveness, what I really find offensive is the notion of political correctness; people should not be so tongue-tied.


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