Jive prejudices

Christoph Brinkhaus c.brinkhaus at t-online.de
Sun Oct 23 16:17:54 UTC 2016

On Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 06:41:10AM -0700, Roger Marquis wrote:
> Louis Epstein wrote:
> > You really need to have a hands-off policy on what software people use.
> The meaning of this is unclear as anyone can still compile jive on their
> own outside of the ports tree.  WRT ports, they should be subject to the
> same policies as base.
> The meta questions here are: A) does FreeBSD have a policy restricting
> software that promotes hatred, discrimination or violence (IMO it
> should) and, if so B) does jive violate that policy.

I this case I have no idea why games as doom are in the ports tree.
I would not miss jive and I would not miss stuff as doom, too.
But where is the limit?
> Before we can have any substantive discussion of a particular port we
> should have consensus on policy.

Yes, this is correct. The cultures and measures what is offensive or
not are different in different areas. Therefore it is difficult to
find a common understanding.

Kind regards,

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