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Mark Linimon wrote:


Answering opposition/criticism with violence isn't exactly my style. I
tend to take it as an indication that one has run out of rational

Moreover, I think you'll find that the word you're looking for is

> It's not delusions of moral superiority.  It's common decency.

Decency is subject to personal and/or cultural opinion. Selectively
suppressing matter that does not fit one's (moral, political, stylistic,
religious, whatever) agenda *is* censorship. Simple as that.

> There's no "censorship" if the FreeBSD developers make a collective
> decision that they don't want to be associated with
[snip derogative high horse description]
> and that instead they would like to seem more welcoming to people that
> don't look, think, and talk exactly like they do.

Quite the opposite, in fact. If the FreeBSD developers make a collective
decision that they don't want other people to be aware of software that
isn't in line with exactly how they happen to look, think and talk, that's
censorship. And it doesn't seem particularly welcoming to people with more
liberal/relaxed attitudes than one's own.

Fortunately, it's still possible to create one's own ports and to make the
resulting packages available from one's own repositories. Therefore, I
can't be bothered to be overly fussed when someone feels that FreeBSD
ought to take a stance on morality. I find it unfortunate and think it's
not the right way to go, but I'm accepting it and will gladly work around
it, as is apparently necessary.

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