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Subject: Jive prejudices

Nobody has answered me on this on the Usenet group.

I've used FreeBSD since 2.1.

A couple of days ago I did one of my frequent svn updates of /usr/ports
and the revised MOVED file advised that misc/jive had been deleted,
"expired: Offensive".
Never having seen that as a reason to delete a port before (and countless
applications can be used to do things that offend),I then installed the
program via pkg out of sheer curiosity.
(I was at this point told the program was to deprecated and offensive
and asked to reconsider installing it as the installation went through).

>From the man page and the article about it ("Jive filter") on Wikipedia,
I gather that it's a parodic language-mangler like the ones that turn
prose into "valspeak" or "sound like a pirate" or "Swedish chef".

In any event,portmaster -a -i updates now abort because misc/jive is
detected on my system.

This goes beyond "We will no longer provide this application" to
"we will no longer let you upgrade your applications as long as you
have this one installed".

I am still able to upgrade via pkg but am wondering if that's next?

And when will portmaster resolve its wrinkles over linux_base-c6
and linux_base-c7 (the makefile for the former generates error messages
for both portmaster and svn now)?

You really need to have a hands-off policy on what software people use.

The World Trade Center towers MUST rise again,
at least as tall as before...or terror has triumphed.

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