Checking port option descriptions

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Mon Oct 17 17:32:02 UTC 2016

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>Well, how about phpmyadmin as a for-instance?  There are about eight PHP
>modules which phpmyadmin will automagically adapt to the presence or
>absence of at runtime and turn on or off corresponding bits of its user
>interface.  So, for example, if you have pecl-pdflib installed it will
>give you options to generate a PDF diagram of your database schema.
>These are all options in the port, and they are on by default, because
>why wouldn't you want the full functionality of phpmyadmin enabled?

You picked an interesting example!  I'm more in agreement with
Miroslav's thinking:  the default should be bare-bones with
well-described options such that each person can mix-and-match to
suit their own situation.  As a not-quite-trivial example I'm
going to have to reinstall php 7 because the options chosen for
the default package are almost exactly wrong for my needs.  

With mariadb I use the command line interface, never having been
able to get phpmyadmin to run out of the box.  But if I had, I
still wouldn't care about getting a map of the database since -at
least in my experience!- it's necessary to have the layout
sketched out pretty much completely long before doing the
creating of the tables.  Having phpmyadmin generating a pretty
chart (if that's what it does) might be nice as decoration for
the wall to impress the unwitting, but if it's anything more than
decoration, the person whose wall it's on is probably in trouble.

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