harder and harder to avoid pkg

Kurt Jaeger lists at opsec.eu
Fri Oct 14 11:25:14 UTC 2016


> > This is an appliance class machine. It has 2G of storage and that has
> > to  include 2 copies for the OS so we can ping-pong for upgrades.
> I can get > 2GB CPU cache per system (spread over 8+ sockets) these 
> days. Is it really reasonable to expect port maintainers to take up the 
> work and classify their maintained ports for you to save you an 
> additional 2GB of cheap flash storage?

Letting the appliance-market slip away to other platforms should be

> At a certain scale those 
> trade-offs might make sense for you, but I suspect most FreeBSD port 
> maintainers and FreeBSD users don't mind a few 100 kB of documentation 
> and headers on their systems. Aren't there easier solutions which don't 
> require a lot of manual work?

Using the pkg-plist of packages by removing those files not in
bin/ or lib/ might solve approx. 80% of the problem. Someone's
willing to test this 8-} ?

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