Alternatives to rsync

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Fri Oct 14 05:02:07 UTC 2016

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!

Franco and Shane - I will definitely check cpdup out. Georges suggestion is 
sadly for this usage pattern zfs isn't ideal - lack of memory, files are 
between freebsd and linux etc. but it's definitely something I'll have to 
for the future.

Greg, I've actually put some thought in making a local port of rsync2. I've 
some research on it and it seems to be fairly usable and security patched 


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> One of my users is needing rsync like functionality to transfer changed 
> contents of some directories between couple of machines. As rsync 3 isn't 
> open source, but GPL3 it's out of question in order to keep the system 
> untainted.

> The software should be relatively lightweight - no fullblown 
> mirroring/backup is needed. Also hints how to achieve similar ends using 
> maybe tar/ssh might do.

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