Staging failure for freshly-built www/firefox-49.0_8,1

David Wolfskill david at
Mon Oct 10 15:59:51 UTC 2016

On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 08:05:55AM -0700, David Wolfskill wrote:
> ...
> and thus, no longer installs /usr/local/lib/
> I was able to find a copy of /usr/local/lib/ on a system that
> I only update weekly (on Sundays).  I copied it over... only to that each
> of the following was also needed:
> /usr/local/lib/
> /usr/local/lib/
> /usr/local/lib/nss/
> /usr/local/lib/nss/
> /usr/local/lib/nss/
> /usr/local/lib/nss/
> After copying eacho those, firefox starts, then errors out:
> ....

On the other hand, with those in place, firefox-49.0_8,1 builds, stages,
and installs OK... though it doesn't stay up for very long.  :-(

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