What sort of a hog is Ruby?

Garance A Drosehn drosih at rpi.edu
Fri Oct 7 20:13:32 UTC 2016

On 7 Oct 2016, at 2:35, Dave Horsfall wrote:

> Looks like I need to upgrade it for security issues; so I tried to compile
> it from the ports area.
> First it blew out my disk space (the "work" sub-directory), so when I
> rearranged a few things to make more room it blew out my swap space!
> On my box /tmp is "tmpfs" i.e. use memory first before overflowing into
> swap; that's going to be trickier to fix...  I guess I'll have to kludge
> /tmp as a symlink into /usr/local or something, where I have heaps of
> room.

The size of ruby compared to <what>?
How big is the partition with /usr/ports on it?
What size is your swap area?

> On the other hand I guess I could figure out what requires Ruby,
> and decide whether I really need it.

I do not know much about the 'pkg' command, but it looks
like you could try:
   pkg info lang/ruby\*

Which for me lists:

Then to see what ruby depends on, try:
   pkg query %dn ruby
   pkg query %dn ruby21    #  if it was listed above

Which for me lists these ports as dependencies *of* ruby
(you need to build these ports before building ruby):

ruby itself isn't too large, but if building ruby means that
you need to build those ports, then the build of all of that
will chew up a lot more resources (both disk space and swap).

If you want to find out what packages depend on ruby, try:
   pkg query %rn ruby

which for me (on my machines) lists:

Portupgrade is what I use to build freebsd ports, so I would not
be dropping that anytime soon.

> What sort of disk farms do these developers have?  I'm only a small-time
> user and wannabe developer...

I don't know about "these developers", but I've been building
ruby on freebsd for about as long as the language has been
available, and right now I'm doing that on one modest PC which
I bought back in 2008, and also on one pretty small virtual
machine (which is an off-site hot backup of the first machine).

Ruby isn't tiny, but building it has never been a problem on
any of my systems, ever.  I seem to remember that I have run
into issues when I went to build some port which in turn built
many other ports, but that was quite some time ago.  Maybe that
is what you're seeing.

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