mysql57 now fails to build on FreeBSD 9 with libressl

mokhi mokhi64 at
Fri Oct 7 10:30:39 UTC 2016

> No, poudriere told you:
> Using WITH_OPENSSL_PORT in make.conf is deprecated, replace it with
> DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=openssl in your make.conf
> There is something very important in that sentence you missed, it is the
> "*in your make.conf" part.
Oh yes you're right!
I missed the point (probably because I added option to the Makefile
and i expected poudriere to tell me about it not the make.conf :D)

> Feel free to use WITH_OPENSSL_PORT in the Makefile, it too, is a global
> knob, but its use in the ports Makefile is so common that it is acceptable.
> There is a good chance this knob too is going away, and the packages for
> mysql 5.7 will not build on 9.
Okay, so should i open Bugzilla-PR or Phbaricator-review for adding
the `WITH_OPENSSL_PORT` instead of the wrong one
(`DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=openssl`) to Makefile (at least till knob goes
away) so that we have a temporary good fix on 9.X ?

Best wishes, Mokhi

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