dependency explosions

Graham Menhennitt graham at
Thu Oct 6 07:05:23 UTC 2016

Thanks Miroslav,

Cyrus is marked as automatic and I don't understand why that is. But
I've removed it as I only needed its libraries for Dovecot and, as you
pointed out, that isn't necessary any more.

All working!

Thanks for your reply,

On 06/10/2016 11:23, Miroslav Lachman wrote:
> Graham Menhennitt wrote on 2016/10/06 01:49:
>> Sorry, I just read that UPDATING entry again. Cyrus is only provided to
>> Dovecot if Postfix is present. I do not have Postfix present. So, I
>> think that I do need to install Cyrus explicitly.
>> So, back to my original question, why does "pkg autoremove" want to
>> uninstall Cyrus when I explicitly installed it from the port?
> pkg autoremove is working with pkg internal database. If you install
> some ports directly with command "pkg install SomePort", then this
> ports is nor marked as autoamtic. If some port is installed as
> depedency, then it is marked as automatic and if parent port is
> removed, then this automatic port can be deleted by "pkg autoremove"
> You can use "pkg query" to check what is marked as automatic
> pkg query '%a %n' | sort
> You can change this settings by "pkg set" (see man pkg-query example)
>      Change a package from automatic to non-automatic, which will prevent
>      autoremove from removing it:
>            % pkg set -A 0 perl-5.14
> Why you need cyrus-sasl? Do you use some tools from this package or
> just some libs?
> The Dovecot / Postfix case is that Dovecot have it's own internal SASL
> libs and Postfix from some version have internal support for Dovecots
> SASL and do not need to be build with Cyrus-SASL. But it is not
> related to you if you are not using Postfix. 

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