dependency explosions

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Thu Oct 6 07:04:13 UTC 2016

On 05/10/2016 23:29, Graham Menhennitt wrote:
> When I run it, it tells me that it's going to remove my cyrus-SASL port.
> I installed that (via its port) so that I can use SSL/TLS authentication
> on my Dovecot server (installed via the dovecot2 port). So Cyrus is not
> a build dependency of anything - why is it offering to remove it?

Dovecot has it's own SASL implementation.  It doesn't need the
equivalent Cyrus version.

'pkg autoremove' is offering to remove cyrus-sasl because cyrus-sasl was
presumably originally installed as a runtime dependency of some port
(and hence marked as 'automatic'), but that port no longer depends on
cyrus-sasl, so pkg sees cyrus-sasl as a candidate for removal.



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