poudriere jail build using -m src=

Jev Björsell jev at ecadlabs.com
Wed Oct 5 14:32:19 UTC 2016


I'm attempting to create a new poudriere jail using the `-m src=/path`
method. The poudriere man page states about the -m src= option; "*This
directory will not be built from. It is expected that it is already built
and maps to a corresponding /usr/obj directory.*". So I have first done a
build world as follows;

export MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/home/jev/obj
cd /home/jev/src; make buildworld

this populates /home/jev/obj as expected. Then I run;

poudriere jails -c -j freebsd110_amd64  -m src=/home/jev/src -v 11.0

which fails shortly after the ">>> Installing everything" stage with the
following error;

"ccache: error: Could not find compiler "cc" in PATH " shortly after the
"Install Everything" stage.

I expect I'm overlooking something fundamental, any pointers are greatly
appreciated. Thank you.


Looking for a comitter for two new ports;

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