usage of openssl command in ports

Koichiro IWAO meta+ports at
Wed Oct 5 02:04:24 UTC 2016


I have a question about usage of openssl command in ports.

If a port uses openssl command for example in pkg-install, how can I 
determine which openssl to use?
I think if ssl=base, /usr/bin/openssl should be used.  If ssl=openssl, 
${PREFIX}/bin/openssl should be used.
And other ssl ports.

Is there something like ${OPENSSL_CMD} or do I have to do manually like 

.if ${SSL_DEFAULT} == base
OPENSSL_CMD= /usr/bin/openssl

.if ${SSL_DEFAULT} == openssl
OPENSSL_CMD= ${PREFIX}/bin/openssl

.if ${SSL_DEFAULT} == libressl
OPENSSL_CMD= "i don't know"

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