dependency explosions

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at
Mon Oct 3 23:29:26 UTC 2016

On Monday,  3 October 2016 at 14:14:13 +0200, Mathieu Arnold wrote:
> Le 01/10/2016 à 04:35, Julian Elischer a écrit :
>> Such a 'minimum' install should probably be the default when coming
>> in as a dependency, as there is an increasing tendency to configure
>> things with all the bells and whistles.
> The bare minimum will never be the default.  The default is what will
> fit most people, so that they can use our packages out of the box.

Not necessarily disagreeing with you, but I recently installed a new
version of firefox, and I was amazed by the number and nature of the
dependencies.  It totalled 497 MB, including:

  Fetching chromium-52.0.2743.116_1.txz: .......... done
  Fetching opera-12.16_6.txz: .......... done
  Fetching apache-openoffice-4.1.2_9.txz: .......... done
  Fetching libreoffice-5.0.6_3.txz: .......... done
  Fetching gimp-2.8.18,2.txz: . done
  Fetching hugin-2016.2.0.txz: .......... done
  Fetching mplayer- .......... done
  Fetching samba42-4.2.14.txz: .......... done
  Fetching emacs24-24.5_3,3.txz: .......... done

Chromium?  Opera?  Emacs?  Both OpenOffice and LibreOffice?

I don't know if this always happens, but there's an issue here.  I
have a few unfinished thoughts about how it could occur, but so far
all I can confirm is that there is an issue.

Is there a way to display these dependencies in a tree structure?

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