Seamonkey and QupZilla need update?

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Sun Oct 2 21:13:52 UTC 2016

from Matthew Rezny:

> Qupzill-qt5 is a much better choice than qupzilla-qt4 due to the newer webkit
> included in qt5, relative to qt4. That is version of webkit in qt5 (even 5.6)
> is quite dated.

> QupZilla 2.x is signiificantly different, re-written to use qtwebengine instead
> of qtwebkit. qtwebengine has not been ported since that is a task similar to
> Chromium and upstream (Google) does not accept patched for platforms they
> don't support, i.e. *BSD. QupZilla 2.x will be a separate port from QupZilla
> 1.x, but that will not come until qtwebengine.

> Meanwhile, there is a new effort to maintain qtwebkit upstream, and this is
> being tested. It is not yet feature complete, but there should be an updated
> qtwebkit sooner or later which works with QupZilla 1.x and other browsers.

Thanks to you and Olivier Duchateau for explanation regarding complications involved in updating QupZilla!

I see Haikuports includes QupZilla only up to 1.8.7, and QupZilla is not in NetBSD pkgsrc but is in pkgsrc/wip (work in progress) at v1.8.6.

I'd like to be able to switch fully from qt4 to qt5, but print/hplip is set up only for qt4; however print/hplip in pkgsrc offers the choice between qt4 and qt5, qt4 being regarded as legacy.


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