building packages with poudriere on amd64 for i686

Matthias Apitz guru at
Sat May 28 14:35:49 UTC 2016


I'm building my own packages with poudriere on an amd64 host for my
amd64 netbook. The actual jail is kernel/sys: r292778, ports: r414411.

I tried to create a jail for building ports for i686 CPU with:

# poudriere jail -c -j freebsd-r292778-x86 -a 686 -m svn+http -v head at r292778
[00:00:00] ====>> Cross-building ports for 686 on amd64 requires QEMU
[00:00:00] ====>> Error: You need to setup an emulator with binmiscctl(8) for 686

How could I construct a jail there for i686 CPU and compile the ports
for this architecture? Is there any how-to for this?


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