Reorganization of the py-sqlalchemy ports

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Thu May 19 07:25:42 UTC 2016

On 18/05/2016 23:04, Olivier Duchateau wrote:
>> I'm proposing the following:
>> > 
>> >    py-sqlalchemy06      0.6.9   nivit at (Deprecate 2016-08-20)
>> >    py-sqlalchemy07      0.7.10  nivit at (Deprecate 2016-08-20)
>> >    py-sqlalchemy08      0.8.7   nivit at
>> >    py-sqlalchemy09      0.9.10  m.tsatsenko at
>> >    py-sqlalchemy10      1.0.13  m.tsatsenko at

> I wonder, why to create as many SQLAlchemy ports as releases (it's just an ORM after all).
> The easiest way, imho is focusing on 1.0.x releases, and having only one port databases/py-sqlalchemy.

This is the conservative approach.  It may well be the case that
everything that depends on sqlalchemy can perfectly well just use the
latest version, in which case the number of ports can be reduced.

However we don't know how compatible the different versions are yet, and
it will take some time and experimentation to work it out.  In the mean
time, having this many ports will provide some assurance of compatibility.



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