KDE-FreeBSD: commiters and mentors needed

Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Wed May 18 12:32:34 UTC 2016

Hi all,

the KDE/FreeBSD (kde at FreeBSD.org) has some commiters that currently check in 
our work to the ports tree (see https://freebsd.kde.org/people.php), which to 
my knowledge are mainly makc and rakuco along with Alonso Schaich.

All three do a really good work in carefully checking which parts to submit 
from our ports tree, however, the amount of ports that we maintain, prepare 
and test are a really large pile. Personal restraints in time available for 
commits and prior testing limit our productivity down to a point where a lot 
of port versions are done only for area51 tree and never make it to the main 
ports tree. Added to those circumstances are the increased speed of releases 
of KDE and Qt, which almost require weekly attention from our side, so we 
would really like to get our "done" pile loaded off to the main ports tree.

To help with the situation, it would be really greatly appreciated if some 
commiters would actually a) help us commit and b) mentor some of us who are 
already doing the porting work in the area51 ports tree so we can merge more 
and sooner than is currently happening due to time constraints of the people 
who took up this task until now. As said, this is not a complaint about the 
people who did the commits up to now, but a realization that the time of the 
people who have commit access does not last to keep up with the speed of 
development, so we need some solution that would help us get things moving.

For commiters willing to help and those who would be willing to mentor us, 
please contact us at #kde-freebsd and/or on kde at FreeBSD.org.

Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards,

Ralf Nolden

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