Using the subversion switch command to keep up with quarterly branches

Torsten Zuehlsdorff mailinglists at
Wed May 18 10:33:39 UTC 2016

Hello Mel,

> I track the quarterly ports branches so that I can build ports from the
> same tree as binary packages so that I don't, for example, have to build
> all 2783 packages on my dev VM, just the 13 where I need non-default
> options.  Yes I know, "That is not the intended use, ma'am," blah blah
> void my warranty, etc.  This is a dev/preprod instance, I am TRYING to
> break it.
> Since the current quarter's branch name changes each quarter (2016Q1,
> 2016Q2), you can't just relocate and update, you need to use the switch
> command.  I really just want to keep up with the current quarter and
> would like to take advantage of already having most of the branch
> already downloaded.
> Is it safe to use the switch command to jump ports quarterly branches
> (assuming a read-only check-out), or are there special gotchas in how
> FreeBSD is doing the branches?

Yes, this should be safe. I use the switch command in many different 
projects and it always works fine. Even with local modifications the 
switch works good.


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