Is there a way to automatically edit port Makefile and plist after updates

Reko Turja reko.turja at
Sat May 14 19:32:17 UTC 2016

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From: Chris H

> There is one port that has completely unneeded things in both 
> Makefile and plist. Is there a way to Automatically change those 
> afterwards - I guess usual method of patching isn't applicable?
> Of course doing a portsnap fetch update and sedding the unneeded 
> stuff out from a shellscript each night instead of just portsnap is 
> always an option if there's nothing more refined available.
If I'm following you correctly;
Wouldn't just filing a pr(1) (
against the port, with your proposed patch, do it?

i don't think that even a patch would help at all, as the maintainer 
closed a PR already with "working as intended" reply. Just can't 
understand how having runtime module compiled and loaded for toy... - 
sorry - mysql is "as intended" for us running something else as the 
favoured datastore.


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