Is there a way to automatically edit port Makefile and plist after updates

Chris H bsd-lists at
Sat May 14 19:16:26 UTC 2016

On Sat, 14 May 2016 12:36:07 +0300 Reko Turja via freebsd-ports
<freebsd-ports at> wrote

> There is one port that has completely unneeded things in both Makefile 
> and plist. Is there a way to Automatically change those afterwards - I 
> guess usual method of patching isn't applicable?
> Of course doing a portsnap fetch update and sedding the unneeded stuff 
> out from a shellscript each night instead of just portsnap is always 
> an option if there's nothing more refined available.
If I'm following you correctly;
Wouldn't just filing a pr(1) (
against the port, with your proposed patch, do it?
It would then get those (proposed) changes into the ports tree
permanently, and neither you, nor anyone else would have to deal
with that overhead anymore. :)
> -Reko 

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