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Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Thu May 12 19:20:19 UTC 2016

Julian Elischer wrote:
> This patch is pretty self explanatory.
> it allows us to keep patches for various ports separately in a sparse 
> hierarchy while not having to write to the ports tree itself.

Nice idea ! I'll have a look.
BTW I've had something somewhat similar for maybe a decade or so
mine does:
- src + ports, 
- generic + personal diffs as 2 parallel patch trees (cos some of my patches
  I hope may appeal generaly but some probaly only I will ever want),
- targets a load of different release levels inc current
- only does a one off pass, installing files & applying diffs to a virgin 

Your approach will be nicer than mine for tracking current ports.
I look forward to trying it, & if necessary perhaps bending my patch
trees to fit your macros :-)

> In case the list scrubs hte text attachment (diff) here's the 
> description part of the diff.

The MIME enclosure made it through mailman unscathed :-)

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