poudriere after crash / fsck

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Mon May 9 06:36:13 UTC 2016


Due to a system crash and after full fsck I found the poudriere pkg area
below ${POUDRIERE_DATA}/packages/freebsd-r292778-ports-20160501
completely damaged, esp. .latest pointed somehow into nowhere, and a
restart of 'poudriere bulk ...' wanted to start from scratch with
building ports-mgmt/pkg and this after having successfully built around
1700 ports in 6 days :-(

Luckily the morning before the crash I had made a copy of all the
packages built so far to some other directory and I came up with this
procedure to get the work back:

- I deleted everything below ${POUDRIERE_DATA}/packages/freebsd-r292778-ports-20160501/
- launched 'poudriere bulk ...' only to build ports-mgmt/pkg
- copied the ~1700 packages to ${POUDRIERE_DATA}/packages/freebsd-r292778-ports-2016050/All/
- restarted 'poudriere bulk ...' based on the list of ports to be

This worked fine, I think. It started building where the crash stopped

Comments about the procedure?


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