ruby22 buillds with gcc38 on powerpc64

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> Sorry, I meant gcc48, not 38....
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> Hi,
> I tried to build ruby22 with gcc38 on my powermac G5 and it built (it didn't with clang). I have not tested yet if it runs well.
> Thanks for all your work,
> Régis

Relative to clang 3.8.0 (for example). . . [a meta-list of powerpc64 and powerpc clang reports that block use by freebsd world and kernel] lists various powerpc and powerpc64 code-generation issues for clang 3.8.0 vs. FreeBSD. As I remember each of the following includes examples of powerpc64 code-generation issues, not just powerpc (non-64) ones.

One of the types of things that is broken on powerpc64 and powerpc is C++ exception handling --and such is broken by bad code generation, independent of involved support libraries possibly adding even more issues. For powerpc (non-64) there are also stack-handling ABI violations that can, for example, mess up the stack contents when signal delivery happens.

As far as I can tell depending on clang/clang++ for powerpc64 or for powerpc is risky or requires analysis that things are actually working for all the specific uses being made. But so far as I can tell clang 3.8.0 is an improvement over prior clang vintages for powerpc64 and for powerpc.

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