old ports/packages

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Mon May 2 10:40:17 UTC 2016

Hi guys,

ok so I see:

2014-04-30 ports-mgmt/pkg_install: Replaced by ports-mgmt/pkg

So now how do enterprises maintaining appliances etc. generate packages for old systems?

(yeah I know about chroot/jails etc.) but we have it embedded into several workflows
that deliver stuff that is not 'regular packages'.
pkg_install is still available in 10.x, but when we move to 11 (we will lose that).
Can we please have a port made of the last pkg_install from the 10 branch so that
it is still available when we move to 10?

There WAS such a port but it was removed for some odd reason around the same time
it was removed from -current. (By rene)
The standard procedure for removing something from base usually includes making sure it is still available in ports.
Removing it from ports at the same time is a pretty bad breakage of POLA.

It is true that new machines will not need it but not all the world is a new machine.

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