synth just deleted 290 ports on my machine on second try ;)

Mathias Picker mathiasp at
Thu Mar 31 18:25:54 UTC 2016

Very funny, for a system that advertises as "just install and run".

What happened: I installed synth (out of curiosity) and did a sudo
synth upgrade-system on my FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE-p9 system a few days
ago. Synth then build aboout 800 packages, then deleted many of them
again (???) citing a "failed dependency check", then installed a few
updated ones.

I started synth again yesterday to see if it was just something strange
in ports the first time, and it was allmost the same, building about
800 packages, deleting many of them, only now synth then had pkg delete
a few hundred installed packages on my machine. WTF? I mean, deleting
kdelibs and evolution is not a nice action.

The system was mostly using the FreeBSD repository before. I only build
password-store, blender and apache24 from ports, all because of some
non-standard settings. 

Any tips on what to do now? Trying to reinstall evolution makes pkg
want to downgrade itself (1.6.4 to 1.6.2, which doesn't really work all
that well, it goes into and endless loop after pkg 1.6.2 is installed.
I've fixed this, but I guess the same will happen when I try to install
kde via pkg.

What can I do now, other than using portmaster to rebuild all ports?

Thanks, Mathias

P.S.: synth logs, terminal output and pkg info are at http://virtual

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