bsd at bsd at
Sun Mar 27 17:45:33 UTC 2016

Makefile:post-install-DOCS-on: post-install-docs
files/Makefile.pcl3:post-install-docs: post-install-docs-pcl3

Unfortunately that's the only definition for post-install-docs, and it's 
wrapped (in files/Makefile.drivers_post):

# pcl3 specific
.if ${PORT_OPTIONS:MGS_pcl3}
.include "${MASTERDIR}/files/Makefile.pcl3"

So enabling docs without enabling pcl3 gives you:
make[1]: don't know how to make post-install-docs. Stop

This is just another broken config dependency issue (already dealt with 
"undefined reference to `gdev_prn_open_planar'": circa 2012).

I'm wondering if all (or any) the print drivers need to  be enabled by 
default.  I don't know if there are any DEC LA50s still out there, and 
speaking personally my HP DeskJet 550C ran out of ink about 20 years 
ago, but my guess is that enabling that by default isn't going to be 
helpful to the vast majority of users.

Perhaps it's time to reduce the number of options and provide, say, a 
single group of deprecated drivers for those who need them, so the more 
current/useful options aren't hidden in the cruft.  I'll admit to 
knowing not much at all about gs, so maybe there's some reason why 
things have to be this way.

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