mail/postfix with Dovecot SASL

Miroslav Lachman quip at
Wed Mar 23 12:22:55 UTC 2016

the older version of Postfix had options for Cyrus SASL, Dovecot SASL 
and Dovecot 2 SASL. I made 3 local meta ports do postfix-sals2 (cyrus 
library) postfix-dovecot and postfix-dovecot2. I know mail/postfix has 
SASL built in on Dovecot, but I am not sure if it will work with Dovecot 
1.x and Dovecot 2.x (the same package installed on two different 
machines with different versions of Dovecot) We are using Dovecot's 
'deliver' to deliver messages in to maildirs.

Will this new Postfix 3.1 work by default with both Dovecot versions?

S pozdravem
Miroslav Lachman

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