FreeBSD Port: recoll-1.21.5

Michael L. Wilson michael.wilson at
Sat Mar 19 16:45:25 UTC 2016

Dear Ports Manager (recoll),

Recoll is a tremendously useful tool and I have used it extensively on FreeBSD without issue.

I have a few DragonflyBSD machines that need to run recoll as well. However, the default configuration (from FreeBSD ports) seems to not index PDF files which is the default behavior on FreeBSD. I have double checked and all of the necessary filters are installed including "rclpdf" which is the filter responsible for indexing PDFs:		rcldia			rclimg			rclokulnote		rclshowinfo		rclxls		rcldjvu			rclinfo			rclopxml		rclsiduxman		rclxml		rcldoc			rclkar			rclpdf			rclsoff			rclzip
rcl7z			rcldvi			rclkwd			rclppt			rclsvg			xdg-open
rclabw			rclepub	rclps			rcltar
rclaptosidman	rclpurple		rcltex
rclaudio		rclfb2			rcllyx			rclpython		rcltext	rclgaim			rclman			rclrar			rcluncomp
rclchm			rclgnm			rclmpdf			rclrtf			rclwar		rclics			rclnull			rclscribus		rclwpd

However when recoll indexing is completed it says that rclpdf is not available. I have also checked to ensure that rclpdf is actually executable. The user that I am running recoll under is part of the wheel group as well.

-rwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  10064 Mar 13 05:50 rclpdf

Is there any other possible item that I am overlooking?

Here it is described the make configuration that is used under DragonflyBSD:

Any tips or a form of heads up would be extremely appreciated.

Michael L. Wilson
PeerCorps Trust Fund
+255 (0) 659 189 437

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