Remmina ported to FreeBSD

Antenore Gatta antenore at
Tue Mar 15 10:36:00 UTC 2016

On Tue, 15 Mar 2016 07:28:51 +0100
Kurt Jaeger <pi at> wrote:

> Hi!
> > I'm just wondering what version of freerdp you supposed as latest?
> > I've seen a lot of new remmina 'releases/tag in github' since last
> > year. But freerdp has only release from Sep 2014. That version is
> > already in ports tree for a long time.  
> An updated net/freerdp (GH_TAGNAME=c5fd49c) builds, as do
> all its depends:
> multimedia/vlc
> net/vinagre
> net/guacamole-server
> net/xrdp-devel
> net/krdc
> Maybe with an updated remmina patch this will work as well ?

This is a good news, c5fd49c is the latest commit :-)

Version: 3.12
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O+ M-- V-- PS+++ PE Y+ PGP t+++ 5++ X R++ tv- b+ DI D++ 
G e+ h---- r+++ y++++ 

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