Remmina ported to FreeBSD

Antenore Gatta antenore at
Mon Mar 14 21:03:46 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Since a couple of years, I'm the new maintainer of Remmina (with
another guy, Giovanni), a GTK remote desktop application.

I've also got rid of most of my Linux desktop to pass to FreeBSD as my
main desktop environment (philosophical reasons).

I've modified Remmina and requested some changes in the last
FreeRDP version so that both now, compile on FreeBSD without any
(almost) issues. [1][2]

I'd like to help out with the port, of both packages, to update them to
the latest version, since we fixed tons og bugs and implemented tens of
new features.

Honestly I'm less than a newbie on FreeBSD so I'd really appreciate
some guidance, that doesn't mean I want to avoid to RTFM, I just want
to read the right one.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support!

[1] (merged in main trunk)

Kind regards

-- Antenore
Version: 3.12
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