print/cups overhaul (PR 207746) side-effects

Martin Waschbüsch martin at
Sat Mar 12 08:09:56 UTC 2016

> Am 11.03.2016 um 21:10 schrieb Jim Ohlstein <jim at>:
> Hello,
> Jim Ohlstein
>> On Mar 11, 2016, at 2:52 PM, Martin Waschbüsch <martin at> wrote:
>> If I wanted to adjust an existing port to be less greedy with regards to dependencies,
>> how would I go about that? Create a slave port?
>> Thoughts, anyone?
> +1
> All of a sudden my build box spent almost two hours compiling LLVM-36 and clang36 and then choked on Cairo "is marked as broken: OpenGL option needs X11 support". This was after it compiled all this X11 crap that my servers don't need. Ironically, I need to refactor options because now I can't build ImageMagick-noX11. 

While manually unsetting CUPS and GS_cups options for ghostscript did not prevent CUPS to be pulled in,
in make.conf did work for me.

While I can live with it this way, I still think that running
pkg install ImageMagick-nox11
on a webserver should not result in all the bloat being included by default.
It's not like setting up a webserver FAMP / FNMP stack is an uncommon task?


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