poudriere: build failing permanently for lang/python27

O. Hartmann ohartman at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Mar 9 14:31:24 UTC 2016

My setup is as follows:

the base system is most recent CURRENT (as of today, FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT #2
r296556: Wed Mar  9 06:50:02 CET 2016 amd64). The used jail is a
built-from-source 10-STABLE, as of today, also. The ports tree is head and also
up to date.

Building a ports tree (customized/selected, not the whole FreeBSD's ports tree)
works fine using a jail running HEAD as denoted above. But using the same
(vanilla) configs (src.conf, make.conf) with the 10-STABLE jail, port
lang/python fails in staging the port:

bad_c++ code (message in webinterface),

install  -m 0644
Modules/Setup.config /wrkdirs/usr/ports/lang/python27/work/stage/usr/local/lib/python2.7/config/Setup.config
install  -m 0644
Misc/python.pc /wrkdirs/usr/ports/lang/python27/work/stage/usr/local/libdata/pkgconfig/python-2.7.pc
install  -m
555 ./Modules/makesetup /wrkdirs/usr/ports/lang/python27/work/stage/usr/local/lib/python2.7/config/makesetup
install  -m
555 ./install-sh /wrkdirs/usr/ports/lang/python27/work/stage/usr/local/lib/python2.7/config/install-sh
install  -m 555
python-config /wrkdirs/usr/ports/lang/python27/work/stage/usr/local/bin/python2.7-config
rm python-config
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/wrkdirs/usr/ports/lang/python27/work/Python-2.7.11 ./python
-E ./setup.py install  --prefix=/usr/local  --install-scripts=/usr/local/bin
--root=/wrkdirs/usr/ports/lang/python27/work/stage/ running install running
build running build_ext building dbm using ndbm INFO: Can't locate Tcl/Tk libs
and/or headers

Python build finished, but the necessary bits to build these modules were not
found: _bsddb             _sqlite3           _tkinter        
dl                 gdbm               imageop         
linuxaudiodev      spwd               sunaudiodev     
To find the necessary bits, look in setup.py in detect_modules() for the
module's name.

running build_scripts
copying and
adjusting /wrkdirs/usr/ports/lang/python27/work/Python-2.7.11/Tools/scripts/pydoc
-> build/scripts-2.7 copying and
adjusting /wrkdirs/usr/ports/lang/python27/work/Python-2.7.11/Tools/scripts/idle
-> build/scripts-2.7 copying and
adjusting /wrkdirs/usr/ports/lang/python27/work/Python-2.7.11/Tools/scripts/2to3
-> build/scripts-2.7 changing mode of build/scripts-2.7/pydoc from 644 to 755
changing mode of build/scripts-2.7/idle from 644 to 755 changing mode of
build/scripts-2.7/2to3 from 644 to 755 renaming build/scripts-2.7/pydoc to
build/scripts-2.7/pydoc2.7 renaming build/scripts-2.7/idle to
build/scripts-2.7/idle2.7 renaming build/scripts-2.7/2to3 to
build/scripts-2.7/2to3-2.7 running install_lib error: error listing files in
'build/lib.freebsd-10.3-PRERELEASE-amd64-2.7': Operation not supported ***
Error code 1

make[1]: stopped in /wrkdirs/usr/ports/lang/python27/work/Python-2.7.11
*** Error code 1

What is wrong here? Am I mistaken that I can build on CURRENT by using a
10-STABLE jail a ports tree dedicated to 10-STABLE?

Help is appreciated. Please CC me, I do not subscribe this list.

Thank you very much in advance,


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