[CFT] net-im/ejabberd to 16.02 (was: Re: [CFT] net-im/ejabberd to 16.01)

Ashish SHUKLA ashish at FreeBSD.org
Tue Mar 8 15:29:57 UTC 2016

On Mon, 7 Mar 2016 20:19:46 +0100, Matthieu Volat <mazhe at alkumuna.eu> said:
| On Mon, 07 Mar 2016 12:27:11 +0530
| ashish at FreeBSD.org (Ashish SHUKLA) wrote:

|| On Sat, 5 Mar 2016 18:09:35 +0100, Matthieu Volat <mazhe at alkumuna.eu> said:
|| [...]
|| Hi,
|| | Ok, back on business!
|| | My issue with the non-applied patchs is that those were not creates in the files subdir in ejabberd, but in a ejabberd/files subdir.
|| That is likely due to the missing/incorrect, use of 'patch -pN'. I remember
|| testing successful diff application before posting on the list, except for a
|| 404-ing URL in one of my diffs.

| Yeah, it was a simple patch -p0 call... But anyway, that won't matter for final distribution...

|| | Regarding the pam module installation, it seems to be installed in :
|| | /usr/local/lib/erlang/lib/ejabberd-16.01/lib/p1_pam-1.0.0/priv/bin/epam
|| | But ejabberd at start will fail with :
|| | 2016-03-05 17:52:49.297 [error] <0.394.0> Can't open file
|| | "/usr/local/lib/erlang/lib/ejabberd-16.01/lib/erlang/lib/ejabberd-16.01/priv/bin/epam": enoent
|| | So I guess it's not installed in the right place?
|| I guess, although I don't see in the sources, where exactly it refer to this
|| path, or even install the module. I'll check and get back to you.

| I forgot to tell that I did not see it either, but I tried to put it manually and pam support was working.

It seems this is mentioned here p1_pam/src/epam.erl at:

142 get_bin_path() ->
143     case os:getenv("EJABBERD_BIN_PATH") of
144         false ->
145             case code:priv_dir(p1_pam) of
146                 {error, _} ->
147                     filename:join(["priv", "bin"]);
148                 Path ->
149                     filename:join([Path, "bin"])
150             end;
151         Path ->
152             Path
153     end.

I have updated my diff to install the file at the expected location. Other
changes in this update is cleanup, and updation of dependencies tarball.

Could you (and anyone else) please try the diff and see if it works for you,
and let me know before this March 04, 2016, hopefully no more releases this
time :) ?

sha256: 4992e303b2dc7e3ee814d032991cdea7cec8e373f23d94d2e4c9e633b6a245a1

Thanks for your efforts, and time testing this, and providing the
feedback. It's really appreciated.

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