graphics/giflib: Update to 5.1.2_1 breaks GIF rendering in Konqueror

Stefan Ehmann shoesoft at
Sun Mar 6 10:15:51 UTC 2016

On 29.02.2016 18:25, Patrick Hess wrote:
> Hi,
> After upgrading graphics/giflib from 5.1.1 to 5.1.2_1, Konqueror won't
> display GIF images in web pages:
> On the left hand side, with giflib 5.1.1, everything looks as expected.
> On the right hand side, after upgrading giflib to 5.1.2_1, none of the
> GIF icons are rendered correctly. Only the Fresh Ports logo and the two
> magnifying glass icons are still there (as they're JPEGs, not GIFs).

I located the problem. konqueror isn't the only program affected.


You can put my patch in the SF ticket in 
/usr/ports/graphics/giflib/files/ to test it.

I'll wait some days to see if there's an upstream fix before submitting 
a FreeBSD bugzilla ticket.

The gvpart workaround I mentioned previously doesn't really work BTW. 
Some GIFs just worked by chance after konqueror restart.

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