Completely unscientific poll: cfengine, puppet, other?

Dave Cottlehuber dch at
Wed Mar 2 08:21:17 UTC 2016

Currently just ansible. In the past I've used: 


cfengine & puppet have large communities with significant amounts of
re-usable code, ansible is still a way behind due to being much newer. I
am not really impressed with DSLs, they seem to hide not quite enough of
the complexity for me.

All the tools have had various bits broken during the time I used them,
you can expect to end up digging inside eventually no matter what tool
you pick, so bear this in mind if you're comfortable doing that or not.

Of the three I now only use ansible by choice (albeit in a somewhat
smaller environment than when I started) because ansible is a very easy
step from replacing custom shell scripts to using it as an orchestator,
and many of my customers & colleagues can extend or add it without
dealing with a complex system or unfamiliar DSL. In the end this was the
deciding factor: is the organisation large enough to require & support
dedicated/trained ops people or not?

Finally, &
looks very interesting, albeit a way off complete.


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