mail/postfix and mail/postfix-current need upgrading

Roger Marquis marquis at
Tue Mar 1 17:54:34 UTC 2016

> \mail\postfix-XXX	Older versions of Postfix
> \mail\postfix-stable	Latest stable version of Postfix
> \mail\postfix-current	Experimental version of Postfix

Based on the goal of user-friendliness and principle of least surprise
I'd vote for changing -current to -experimental.  It is a FreeBSD naming
convention for -current to mean experimental (alpha, rc, ...) but for
those who are not regularly involved with the FreeBSD release cycle this
is not intuitive.

Longer-term at least, there is user-friendliness to be gained by
switching to a more descriptive name than -current to describe
pre-released software.  Note also that Wietse uses FreeBSD and usually
follows BSD naming conventions but has chosen not to in this case.


> As each "experimental" becomes stable, it is given a "postfix-stable"
> designation and the old stable release is given a "postfix-XXX"
> designation. The new postfix experimental release then assumes the
> "postfix-current" title.
> My only concern with changing the name "postfix-current" to
> "postfix-devel" or whatever is for historical purposes. I have always
> known it by the latter designations plus I am not sure if it would
> cause a problem in the ports system if it were to be renamed.
> In any case, the "postfix" ports were always kept up-to-date in virtual
> real time. Now they seem to lag behind. I am unsure as to what has
> happened.
> -- 
> Carmel

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